Alaskan Camper 10' FD (Front Dinette)

Pickup Truck Slidein Camper
The 10' Front Dinette camper is the most popular of Alaskan pickup truck campers for sale. It features a large table for four. The Camper has extremely comfortable sleeping accomodations for four with bed sizes 81" X 49" and 81" X 54". In addition the truck camper is equiped with standard features which include a furnace, pressure water system, refrigerator, stove and oven, large windows to name a few. Alaskan Campers, Inc. allows you the opportunity to custom design your Alaskan Pickup Truck Camper the way you would like it to designed
Alaskan Camper Top Down 04
In the raised position the Alaskan Camper gives you 6' 4" of interior height.
Alaskan Camper Top Down 07
In the lowered or travel position the Alaskan Camper sits approximately 60" above the bed of the truck. With it's double door feature you can get into the Alaskan in the lowered position.