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  As the original (first) Pop-up Slide-in truck camper for sale, the Alaskan Camper was - and is - a simple yet dramatic breakaway from the bulky profile of the average pickup truck camper RV. Since the original Alaskan campers, designed in 1953 for the purpose of camping along the Alcan Highway, campers have searched for a slide-in camper for sale that would pop-up and give them protection from the rain and cold; a camper that would travel rough terrain, be lightweight and present the least wind resistance on the road.

  We decided to build a slide-in truck camper that campers wanted! The first unit was constructed so that the top, by an ingenious hydraulic system, could be raised and lowered, today called a pop-up truck camper. This allowed for full standing room in the interior when in camp, but when on the road, the unit was snugged down with only a few inches of camper roof extending above the truck cab. The result was reduced wind resistance and increased gas mileage!
"TOP UP, TOP DOWN" "it raises - it lowers" not only is this a tremendous advantage for the Alaskan Pickup Truck Camper RV, but it typifies our whole design and quality philosphy, "from the top to the bottom we will build the best." It's not a popup camper it's better than a popup camper. Today the Alaskan Camper is available for sale as a custom camper as well as the standard Ten (10') Foot Alaskan RV , the Standard Eight (8') Foot or the MINI Alaskan RV. Click to watch the Alaskan Camper video.

"It Raises - It Lowers"


The Alaskan Campers "Top Up - Top Down" patented design, where the top of the slide-in camper Raises and Lowers hydraulically, thus pop-up, was the initial outstanding feature of the Alaskan Pickup Truck Camper. The Alaskan campers design provides significant features which sets it apart from conventional truck campers and popup campers.

Though this system is expensive its benefits are many:

1. While driving with the top lowered there is less wind resistance. With less wind resistance fuel mileage is increased.

2. The lower profile not only improves fuel mileage, but it also improves the handling and feel while driving. By lowering the center of gravity, putting the weight of the camper closer to the road, the Alaskan does not demonstrate the “rocking and rolling” motion of the conventional truck camper.

3. The insulated “Solid Wall” design has the obvious benefit of a safer interior (no bears or intruders coming thru canvas walls), a warmer interior in the winter with minimal heat loss and a cooler interior in the summer.

4. The full raising top means you have a full height door which means you don’t have to stoop over to get inside the camper, as is the case with later pop-up designs. And it also means you have large eye level glass windows, not plastic.

5. When driving in windy conditions the truck and slide-in camper is not pushed around as in a conventional truck and camper.

Through the years the system has received significant improvements. An Electric Hydraulic pump was introduced in 1990 to improve the ease of raising the top. In 1994 Stainless Steel pistons were added, this reduced the possibility of inadvertently bending the pistons. The size of the piston diameter was increased in 1999 to provide more lifting power.

The Alaskan Camper

Why the ALASKAN CAMPER RV is the "Camper' s Camper"

We remember R. D. Hall, Don Hall the originator of the Alaskan Camper

The first Alaskan Logo (those are Moose horns)

This was an early Alaskan Camper Camp out with lots of Campers

Remember these Campers in their Alaskan Camper?

Back when Alaskan Slide-in campers took over San Pedro

When a camper is camping with an Alaskan Camper and somebody says,

"come and get it" you better find a place in line.

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