BELLANCA CRUISEMASTER sad story see below for information on N8844R destroyed by Bob Hugo in Rochester, WA
My long lived dream of owning a tri-gear, triple tail Bellanca has been realized. Ah, I now have my mini Lockheed Constellation.

It is the prettiest plane in flight. It graces the air like a dolphin in water. Downer Aircraft advertised the 260 Cruisemaster as "BRAND NEW & BEAUTIFUL!"

John & Lisa Morrison's 1960 Cruisemaster
Now back to my dream machine. N8844R is sitting in Glasgow, MT waiting for it's long overdue annual. When the annual is done it will be up, up and circle the patch until I am confident enough to soar west to Chehalis, WA. With it's 22,000 ft. service ceiling and 1,750 fpm climb the Bellanca will leap over the rockies and glide into Chehalis.
Joseph Vella's 1959 Bellanca 260 Cruisemaster. Bellanca 14-19-3
And with it's 208 mph top speed and cruise of 203 mph, the factory specs can't be wrong, I'll be home in hours instead of days.
CLICK HERE for some fun with Tom Bender's Bellanca 260 a.k.a. Cruisermaster. P.S. It might be for sale! You can open this file with Quicktime.

SCRAPED, My pride and joy N8844R was destroyed by Bob Hugo. It was a beautiful 1959 Cruisemaster 14-19-3, 260 HP IO-470 in great shape with low hours. It was just annualed 5/11/01, TT 1962, SMOH 1335, $42,750. Call if you have any questions . The annual included a complete spar inspecition which followed the same type inspection prior to my purchase of the N8844R in October 2000. The Bellanca was supposed to be hangared in Rochester, WA half-way between Portland, OR and Seattle, WA

Engine: CONT IO-470, 75% Cruise: 176 kts, Stall: 54 kts TBO: 1500 hrs Range: 640 nm Srv Ceiling: 22,500 ft Std Fuel: 58 gal

Rate of Climb: 1500 ft/min Takeoff: 340 ft Landing: 400 ft Takeoff (over 50 ft obstacle): 1000 ft Landing (over 50 ft obstacle): 800 ft

Contact: Don Wheat, Phone 928-863-0330 or 360-748-6494 or; email:

Bellanca 8844R was being Annualed and was having a new avionics panel installed

it was left with Bob Hugo who left it stored outside instead of Hangaring it for two years as promised. But the drunk was too far gone and flat ass broke to do the work promised.

Bellanca 14-19-3
Bellanca 14-19-3
Bellanca 14-19-3
wheat bellanca
Bellanca 14-19-3
Cruisemaster Bellanca Cruisemaster

bellanca87 N8839R is for sale for $37,500.00 Fayetteville, Arkansas
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