A new Alaskan?  Alaskan Campers, debuts the all new Alaskan Mini.

An all new Alaskan camper debuted.  In keeping with Alaskan's innovative design, the new Alaskan Mini, is a mini-truck camper marvel.

Most calls for mini-trucks are for the Toyota Tacoma or comparable sized truck.  These trucks offer a six-foot bed and about 1,300 pounds of payload.  The 76” Mini comes out to the end of the bumper for these smaller truck beds.

The dry weight of the Mini is 940 pounds with battery.  With a full ten-gallon water tank (80 pounds) and a full two-gallon propane tank (about ten pounds) the wet weight would be about 1,030 pounds. 

The Alskan Camper Mini is designed to keep all of the weight forward including keeping the water tank and refrigerator in the first twenty-two inches of the camper.  To the rear of the camper is the two-gallon propane tank.

There’s a standard two-burner cook top, a single sink, and a Nova Kool 12-volt refrigerator.  The Nova Kool is a high quality 2.3 cubic foot refrigerator with a Danfoss compressor.  There is a the ten-gallon fresh water tank, two-gallon propane tank, and a deep cycle battery.  The Mini also comes with a 30-amp converter and battery charger.

Small truck owners should consider suspension boosters.  The Mini is not over weight, but you’ll be right at payload capacity with the smaller trucks when you add passengers and camping gear.

Bolsters along the wall of the sofa allows the beds to have more width for sleeping. 

It is an open design concept giving a bright airy feeling of spaciousness.

Overhead storage complements the storage capacity of the Mini's design.  Large windows add to the spacious design. 

The top of the Alaskan Mini is raised by a propritery hydraulic system activated by the push of a button.

With the top raised the Alaskan Camper Mini has an interior height of six feet.

With people downsizing to smaller trucks the Alaskan Camper Mini fits nicely into that niche in the market place.

A current article in Truck Camper Magazine further summarizes the Alaskan Camper Mini.

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