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I thought you might like this for your website...The only thing better than an Alaskan Camper, is a pair of Alaskan Campers. These are two oldies that are still lots of fun.

M. Middlemiss

Alaskan Camper 2

Two Oldies but Goodies or as we would like to say, the Golden Oldies. These are 1970's Alaskan Campers with that great golden natural wood interior.

The Alaskan Truck Camper, the go anywhere camper, is at its best going where others "fear to tread". That happy guy with the silly grin is John our Alaskan Dealer in Anchorage. He's been sitting in the Hot Springs at Laird Hot Springs in northern British Columbia, that's why the smile and the red face. The water is great and the hospitality is outstanding at Laird. It is 20 degrees below and we are only half way to Anchorage.

8' Alaskan on the truck and a 10' Alaskan on the trailer.

It's forty-five below and the wind has been horizontal
for two days. They say this is how it often is in Valier, Montana.

10' Alcan on a utility box. The Alcan is built out across the back.

We are heading south after our winter break up north. Now we're in a new Dodge V10 climbing up to 11,800' on our way to Durango, Colorado. This is a 10' Alaskan with jacks, boat rack, step and extended cabover bed. This is fun. We get to try out all sorts of rigs as we deliver Alaskans all over America. There are a lot of switch backs as you climb to 11,800'. That's OK you get to see how easy it is to maneuver an Alaskan sitting in the bed of a Dodge with V10.










10' Alaskan with an extended cabover bed

Not too long ago I was scouting out the East Side of Yosemite and spent some time at Twin Lakes. This time I had a 10' Alaskan camper Front Dinette on a Ford F250 Diesel. Boy, did the black smoke pour out from the diesel as we climbed past 8,000'. What is so nice about the Alaskan Camper is the secure feeling you get as your truck negotiates sharp curves with steep dropoffs; there is no top heavy rocking and swaying. The Alaskan Camper lets you get in and out areas that are not accessible with a motorhome or trailer or even a conventional truck camper. Once you get to your desired camping spot you just raise the top of the camper and you are ready to enjoy camping without dreading the trip back.




10' Alaskan cabover in the raised position

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